OMG Machines – The New No Holds Barred for 2017

A lot of time has passed since OMG Machines (or the “One Man Gang Machine” known as Greg Morrison, one of the original the SEO success stories) launched in 2012. I’ve noticed a lot of pretty old OMG Machine reviews out there floating around the internet, and thought it might be a good time for an updated review.

I also feel it’s time for readers to see who else besides Greg is involved in the coaching aspects of this training program these days!

Let’s start at the beginning though:

What is OMG Machines (One Man Gang)?

OMG Machines (One Man Gang), No Holds Barred is a well-known and widely respected internet marketing coaching program founded in 2012. While its original focus was on client Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it now includes strategies and techniques for a broader population that includes but is not limited to the following individuals:

  • those who are interested in learning the best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies used by consultants to help their clients’ websites and services rank highly in search engines
  • sellers who want to learn how to market their products successfully on Amazon and sites like Shopify.
  • e-commerce and affiliate marketers who are interested in learning how to rank their own websites in the search engines.

Who runs and owns OMG Machines?

I already mentioned Greg Morrison, who is known by many in the SEO community as the grand-daddy of OMG Machines (although at the age of 32, he can hardly be thought of as the grand-daddy!).

However, this is far from a “one man” coaching program. While Greg was the original coach many other people teach.

The other co-founders of the program include Michael Long (pictured at left with Greg in 2012) and David Mills, both experienced marketers. Many members know both these guys from other ventures in the past that they were part of, but honestly, discussions about past ventures in “Magic, the Gathering” are completely over my head since I don’t even know what they are.

What is important to me is that they recognized Greg Morrison’s talents and somehow, along with Greg, organized what became the “One Man Gang Machines.”

On occasion, David Mills will coach a course for OMG-ers in personal development topics to help motivate and teach members different ways to set yourself up for results.

NOTE: Please understand that there is another individual, George Gray, known in the professional wrestling world (World Wrestling Entertainment by his rings names as “One Man Gang” and “Akeem The African Dream.” That’s not who we’re talking about here with this program.

What’s New in OMG Machines No Holds Barred for 2017?

Possibly the most exciting and highly anticipated addition to this year’s program is Greg Morrison’s “Treasure Map” series, which is basically an A to Z of Greg’s SEO strategies. Anyone who knows Greg knows that he is a researching beast, and digs into what’s currently considered SEO best practices better than almost anyone else I’ve met – and I’ve met a lot of these guys, both inside and outside of OMG.

One of the other things that Greg is exceptionally good at is spending his time efficiently, and he intends to pass along to you – if you decide to become a member – the best say to spend your time finding the right types of links. He’ll also be clarifying what our favorite search engines are looking for these days.

And, in my experience of watching Greg’s presentations at various OMG events – both live and online, one thing you can be 100% sure about is that he is going to continue providing very deep looks into everything, and is going to be giving tons of examples. It’s just the way he is; he is one of the most generous guys I have ever met when it comes to teaching and coaching others. Actually, I don’t think he can help himself. It’s genuinely part of his nature to do everything he can to teach the methods that he, himself uses with such success.

Plus, he’s infinitely likeable, impossibly humble, and just a downright good guy. If you didn’t know him from OMG and just ran into him on the street, you’d never guess the extraordinary level of success this guy enjoys. I know this because I’ve met him on numerous occasions.

Below this review, I’ve embedded a 1 ½ hour long webinar (call it an infomercial if you prefer) hosted by Kotton Grammer, and his co-host Fletch about what is in store for this year’s program.

Who are the other OMG Machines Coaches?

It seems that the roster of coaches increases every year, each with his or her particular specialty and method of delivery. For those who have been following this program for any amount of time, it won’t come as any surprise to hear the following names:

  • Kotton Grammer (who earns obscene amounts of money each month on client SEO and whose driven personality will rub off on you),
  • Liz Herrera (the resident Amazon and ecommerce expert),
  • Joshua “Fletch” Fletcher (one of the more humble and “warm” yet crazy success stories-turned-coach – and who gets visibly moved and emotional about helping others),
  • Stephen Floyd (a super-disciplined success and US Army veteran, which may have something to do with his ability to plan and execute everything he attempts),
  • Joe Marfoglio (who has a stunning way of teaching, and is especially good at ranking videos – and is personally one of my favorite coaches. He’s also likes hosting the very popular motivational “Hot Seat” sessions.).

There are also other hyper-successful individuals in the group (you become a member of a very vibrant and high level Facebook community when you join) who don’t get “coach billing” but who jump in to help and advise members on a daily basis. In fact, there are countless examples of that every single day.

What about the Income Claims and Testimonials? Are any of them fake?

Nothing boils my OMG-loyal blood more than hearing outsiders make accusations that the testimonials as fake. They aren’t. I despise such nay-saying reports because typically when you read about someone who bashes OMG in such a way, the writer has either:

  • somehow been disgruntled by his or her own failure to follow through on what they have been taught,
  • selling a competing program (which is totally cool, and it’s their choice to follow whichever teachings resonate with your situation best – but why bash another one to sell yours?),
  • or have some type of bizarre grudge against the founders or members that I just don’t understand.

I have my own interests in why I am a member of OMG, as does everyone else who is part of this community.

I also have my own level of success – not as good as some, a little better than others.

While I do think that sometimes Mike Long, one of the co-founders of OMG Machines could take it a little easier when he shows all these income reports in his marketing materials, as you can see at the left (only because for someone new to this field, frankly, it CAN be a little difficult to wrap your head around the potential this line of work can achieve), they really are true.

And PLEASE try to ignore the overboard hype some big internet marketing personalities who may be promoting OMG to their lists may tend to use (you’ll know them when you see them in front of some enormous mansion they’re renting or whatever they’re bragging about in order to impress you); some of them have gotten stuck that way and can’t seem to stop.

OMG doesn’t need to use fake testimonials when so many people are growing their businesses the old fashioned way: learning & implementing best practices, and hard work.

Just know that the income reports that you see from actual members are real.

I’ve been in the Facebook group on days when someone is truly excited about bringing on a client for some big buckos, and they just can’t help but spread the news. THAT is where Mike gets these reports. Seriously. At the right is a picture of a post from someone who brought in his first 2 clients.

I frequently talk with a guy that has had some real success of his own. One day he was so excited about a “big money day” that he literally took a photo of his bank account and showed me the deposit. I nearly fell off my chair. That was a really private matter, but he was so excited about it, that he had to show someone!

I get it. I really do!

And I remember a day not long ago when one of my own websites had the biggest month yet, and I, too was so excited that I had to share it with someone.

It’s human nature. So, if seeing income reports bothers you, or doesn’t get you excited – you might want to rethink whether this is the right field for you. Because it IS real.

Of course not everyone is going to make $900,000 per month like Kotton Grammer may be making right now. Like I said, sometimes hearing numbers like that can seem surreal – it is for me, because I’m not making that kind of money (yet! Haha) But, what if you brought on a client or two for $1,000 per month? Does that seem more realistic? So, hopefully you get what I mean.

Ok… enough of that rant.

Speaking of money, how much does OMG Machines cost this year?

This is where a lot of people “gulp.” I did too when I saw the price tag – right now at just under $8,000. That’s a boatload of money to drop on a course, I get it. They do have an installment plan nowadays at $499 per month for 16 months.

Let’s look at it this way: This is not a pdf download on how to make a website that sells ClickBank products (although there’s nothing wrong with that). This is some of the highest level SEO training available anywhere today. The coaches aren’t “wannabees” – they are true successes.

I kind of look at OMG as a master’s level college program. What I mean is that while you can certainly jump in as a beginner, it’s probably not a bad idea to understand some of the basics or general practices of internet marketing before committing.

The only reason I say this is that if you just recently got interested in working on line, but have never built a simple WordPress website, or never purchased a domain name, or never wondered how those listings show up at the top of Google’s search results – or you don’t even know what I’m talking about – then you might feel a little overwhelmed by the avalanche of information that is contained in this program.

You’re not going to be handed some little guidebook that says, “Step 1: Decide what you want to sell, and buy a domain at GoDaddy;” Step 2: Go to HostGator and buy the Baby Hosting plan and load your domain into it…”

OMG is serious. The people inside the community are serious about getting their nearly $8,000 investment back, and they aren’t sitting there hoping their wife or husband doesn’t find out that they spent that money.

This should be a decision that you do not make likely. But, wait… there’s more.

Does OMG Machines have a Money Back Guarantee?

There isn’t one. There is no money-back clause. You bought it, you keep it. Period. Sorry to be blunt and unfeeling about this, but once you buy it, you own it.

This is no time for buyer’s remorse. Don’t even try. Some have tried, only to be disappointed. The agreement is iron-clad. I took a screenshot of the Refund Policy, which you can see at the right.

Let me ask you this, since I touched on the comparison to a college program:

  1. If you went to college and decided after a few months that it wasn’t for you, did the college give you your money back? The answer is “NO.”
  2. If you took out a student loan to go to college, and then you decided you didn’t like it, and asked the feds to forgive your loan because you didn’t like it anymore, did they forgive the loan? Nope. Absolutely not. That damned loan will follow you for the rest of your life.

So, my personal advice to you is this: If you can’t see this through and use what OMG teaches, don’t buy it to begin with.

Fortunately, they have an installment plan these days of about $499 per month for 16 payments.

If there is absolutely no way for you to afford that, and your kids are going to be sent to child services because you can’t feed them or keep a roof over their head, don’t buy it.

Have I made myself clear on this?

So what else is there to say about OMG?

My fingers are getting tired from typing this – I’ve just totally gone on from my heart about this program.

There’s no sense in my repeating stuff you’ve likely already seen from Mike Long or David Mills (another one of the co-founders) emails (if you’re on their list).

There’s no sense in my repeating income reports.

Looking for me to find something I DON’T totally love about OMG?

If you are looking for me to say something for the “Cons” column in an “OMG Pros & Cons” type of thing, I can help you out.

Because even I can tell you that as loyal as I am to OMG, sure, there are a few things that I can prepare you for that I’ve noticed.

These things may not strike you as a “con.” I’m just giving you my personal impressions after having been part of the community for some time.

Ok. Here goes. Sometimes on a webinar, you’ll hear the speaker say something like, “Give me a ‘#100K’ in the chat box if you think (whatever the mojo of the day is) is worth $100,000!” That shit drives me bonkers. I can’t help it.

I don’t mind it if they say, “Give me a ‘1’ if my voice is clear enough…” type of thing, but the virtual “wave” from the audience has never been my style. If I were ever to be a coach, I would hope that they remind me of my words here. Haha.

But, the actual coaching sessions are dead serious.

Also, I’m just not terribly interested in Amazon, so I don’t really enjoy sessions about that.

But then, not everyone is as interested in learning about Google’s algorithms like others may be, so it’s all fair play.

What do I love most about the program?

One thing I absolutely love is the community. I love the live events, and can’t get enough of them. I’ve learned thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of intel just from one speaker at a live event.

I honestly think I’ve covered just about everything that I can think about when it comes to OMG.

With OMG I have never felt the need to buy anything further, with the exception of certain tools of the trade (e.g. domains, metrics or analysis subscriptions, etc). So once you’re learning what you’ll need to maintain your business, you’ll also learn how to fit those costs into your budget when it comes to charging your clients.

OMG Machines is serious coaching, and I truly hope that my review has given you the clarity that you were looking for.

Best of luck with your decision!

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