Learning SEO From Case Studies (or Not)

Lots of employees at small and medium-sized businesses will try to handle SEO strategy on their own. They read a few tips. They are reasonably good writers who can load content onto their WordPress website. It doesn’t take a technical genius to post to a blog and keep it going as long as writing skills are pretty good.

Success with Case Studies

Another thing they find helpful is the “case study,” something that an SEO expert will share online for free. His aim is to encourage readers to sign up for his newsletter, buy his e book, or even hire him to make their websites more effective. All of the ideas he posts are useful and legitimate. They could, indeed, help a person increase traffic.

Pros and Cons of the Case Study

That is not to say it will help or that results are guaranteed. You don’t have a relationship with this individual and he is potentially unaware of your company, it’s problems, or what your goals are. An SEO writer posting case studies online offers tantalizing examples and ideas, some of which could be very helpful, but there are good and bad points.

The Bad

These are mostly long-form pages. Readers must scroll through miles of script in order to reach the bottom where there is a download or a product to buy. Promotional elements are loaded onto sidebars the whole way down. Comments from readers will be shown at the bottom, but a lot of traveling and reading is required to arrive at this place.

Long-form sites feel so wrong, but mostly they are frustrating. Instead of headings which make reading a breeze, enabling one to find relevant content quickly, they take up a lot of time. Also, they contain less information than you think. Most of the first third is hinting at what is to follow. Writers know how to capture someone’s interest and keep them riveted, but what is actually being said could be condensed into a few sentences. Can’t a professional create a better website?

Results sound too good to be true. Maybe the example chosen was anomalous. This guy managed to increase rankings by 4,000%, but will most people enjoy that level of success? Probably not, and even if results are far better, it’s the company that benefits. Jo from marketing doesn’t make 4,000% more money each month, although a pay rise is in order if his efforts are this successful.

The Good

Information is free, what there is of it. SEO information is also depicted in both written and visual terms. Non-technical readers don’t usually know what you’re talking about until it is laid out for them in pictures or graphs. Also, what these guys say about SEO makes sense. Their case studies are applicable to many individuals. You won’t lose anything by trying what they suggest.


But case studies from SEO experts offered for free on the internet to anyone who will read or watch their videos are only telling you a small amount of what there is to know. SEO is a much more involved field. Experts will accomplish more for their clients than simply changing their keyword strategy. There are dozens of points a search engine is looking for. Even if keywords are being used well, there could be other problems affecting traffic and revenue.

Speaking to an expert consultant about your particular concerns is far better. Imagine trying to diagnose a rash on your arm based on what is written on the internet for the general audience. On average, most cases will fall within the parameters suggested there. If your case is not “average,” online guidelines will do more harm than good. You are wasting time, and that is something you do not have in the business world.