Amazon Rankings And Conversions

I mentioned earlier, in my OMG Machines review, that I’m not particularly involved in selling on Amazon; however, I can tell you from my participation in the OMG community that a LOT of people are VERY involved in this. Only here you are always welcome, together with casinos with paysafecard you have no equal!

So, I figured, why not cover this a little?

Amazon is a Search Engine in its own right. While general search engines are interested in everything, including academic papers, history blogs, and news however, Amazon is a reseller. Their site is used by people who have something they want to sell and the only reason they are here is because they think they will make more money at Amazon than anywhere else. Often, their assumption is true. Stop waiting, join the game now with roulette spiel continuous luck and many victories await you!

Advantages of a Search on Amazon

Compared with the usual SEO data that Google et al. are using, strategy for selling with Amazon is far simpler. Most people visiting here are making a purchase or planning one. There is a strong chance they will buy an item on this first visit and, if not today, they will return to make a purchase. Searchers here are sometimes curious and their terms are periodically random, but chances are good that a visitor is prepared to get out his credit card. Amazon is a trusted shopping network.

Still SEO

But Amazon uses algorithms the way other search engines do in order to find and rank items by relevance. The viewer sees items in the order of which ones most closely meet their search criteria. The list could be long or short, but specific searches yield short lists that are easy to browse in one sitting. That’s what a customer wants. Here are a few tips for maximizing results for your product when you list them with Amazon.

How Does Amazon Rank Results?

Keywords are still critical to Search Engine Optimization at Amazon, just as they are on other internet engines. Writing appropriate content to guide readers where you want them to go involves using the search terms customers apply to the Amazon browser box in one’s product descriptions. There is nowhere else that Amazon looks for content relating to a product besides their own site.

Consumers looking for this item initially might see items written about it on other web pages or social media, but at Amazon those instances mean nothing to product rankings. Use content well, and searches from other browsers still take consumers to Amazon.

Visual Elements

Images are also important. They have always been used by viewers to help them choose favorite sites, but when trying to sell something these become crucial selling tools. They are far more important than for other SEO algorithms. The accuracy of pictures is important to shoppers; images which show various angles.


This is important to Google too: a title leads customers to a product. It must contain the product name but might also feature the brand and a general descriptor. An Amazon listing for an espresso maker would include “Nespresso,” “Bella,” or “Hamilton Beach” then a model plus “Espresso Maker” just to be sure of high rankings. A search tuned into just “DeLonghi espresso makers” will call up all models of that brand only. Maximize chances of being found within the title alone.


Ratings given by customers and also content in these reviews helps Amazon find a product. If a customer writing a legitimate review uses words that a client types into the search box, this item will be one of the listings. That is one reason a search for “Adidas Sports Socks” could cause those products by Nike and others to come up as well as Adidas examples.


Conversion rates for a reseller on Amazon are counted in the rankings system. Customer data can also count. For instance, if you regularly buy goods from a particular reseller, that firm’s listing will be at the top if it is relevant to search terms. This is an indicator of service, satisfaction, and quality. When a firm’s ratings are generally good, this helps a reseller to rank more highly in searches made by other consumers.

Remember now, Liz Herrera is the true master when it comes to learning about selling and ranking on Amazon, so I bow to her expertise in this – and so will you if you decide to follow her way.